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Hightower Texas offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to wealth management for individuals, families and foundations. We offer fiduciary trust capabilities, financial planning, wealth management, and family office and private investment services.

Wealth Management

Our wealth management team constructs portfolios designed for a variety of conditions and seeks to harvest returns across a combination of risk factors. In particular, we favor liquid asset classes that provide the potential for positive return that we believe are explainable by economic and behavioral factors.

Economic Environment: Inflationary

Asset Class: Real Assets

During periods of rising prices, real assets like commodities generally perform as their prices also rise.

Economic Environment: Growth

Asset Class: Stocks

Equity returns—a function of cash flow growth—have historically been strong during periods of economic expansion.

Economic Environment: Low-Growth

Asset Class: Credit

While also driven by growth, credit strategies tend to outperform during sustained periods of low growth.

Economic Environment: Deflationary

Asset Class: Fixed Income

During periods of falling interest rates, fixed interest rate securities like treasuries have generally performed well.

Asset Management

Hightower Texas’s asset management practice provides private investors and institutional fiduciaries with objective research and investment solutions to help them confidently meet investment goals. Our program is constructed using an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that clearly defines the objectives and constraints under which we operate. We approach our duties under a fiduciary standard, and have only our clients’ best interests in mind when we invest their funds or provide planning recommendations.

Hightower Select: Family Office Services

Hightower Texas helps families achieve their distinct planning, investment, educational and philanthropic goals with an unwavering commitment to stewardship, excellence and value. Our family office services include:

Investment strategy, implementation, consolidated risk and performance reporting

Coordination of third-party service professionals (e.g., tax, legal, banking, insurance)

General recordkeeping and back-office support, including cash flow analysis, bill pay and accounting

Insurance review and recommendations, and coordination of policy procurement with third-party brokers as necessary

Real estate advice and support

Charitable activity management services

Fiduciary and trust services

Family governance recommendations and assistance

Multigenerational portfolio education and mentoring

Household personnel management

Concierge services for lifestyle assets (e.g., aircraft/watercraft, secondary homes, etc.)

Trust Services

Information available upon request. Please contact Sari Kronzer at skronzer@hightoweradvisors.com or (713) 993-4022.

Financial Planning

At Hightower Texas, we endeavor to deliver the full potential of financial markets. We understand that for many individuals, the execution of this goal can be complex. Every dollar that is saved or spent may have a meaningful impact on your long-term objectives. We can help you understand the implications of many financial decisions by guiding you through a disciplined and refined process. We start with your “big picture” and four primary financial planning components: investments, life insurance, retirement and estate planning.

Life Insurance

At Hightower Texas, we believe that life insurance is an important component of many financial plans. Navigating the complexities of these policies can be overwhelming, and as a result, life insurance often falls to the bottom of the priority list for many people. Our comprehensive insurance review attempts to give you a clearer sense of your financial well-being and helps determine a correct path forward for you and your family.

Foundation Administration

At Hightower Texas, we work with both private foundations and donor-advised funds that serve a variety of charitable purposes. We impart our decades of personal and professional philanthropic experience by offering clients administrative, compliance, investment and governance support tailored to their needs. Foundation administration services include:

Deliver professional and ethical continuity of service across generations

Support family involvement, multigenerational education and board development

Assist in the conversion of foundations to donor-advised funds and vice versa to meet your changing objectives

Empower directors and trustees to focus on the joys of philanthropy and stewardship rather than day-to-day back-office requirements

Handle administrative tasks, such as gifts to the foundation, grants, grant letters or agreements, expenses and fees

Perform grant reviews and recommendations

Coordinate services from tax and legal advisor

Document impact evaluation (foundation and grantees)

Help maximize the allocation of resources to charities and their beneficiaries by making investment recommendations and providing service at a reasonable cost

Handle distribution and compliance (5% rule) and payroll or bill pay

Private Investment Services

Our team has decades of combined experience deploying billions of dollars in capital from institutional allocators to external managers. We focus on private equity and hedge fund investments, and we are equipped to assess traditional investments, such as mutual funds and ETFs. We can work with a variety of investment structures suitable to your needs. Our private investment capabilities include:

Ad hoc fund research and due diligence

Full-service consulting, including private equity and hedge fund selection and program design

Fund-of-funds management or separate accounts with advisory services and discretion over allocation

Administration management of private fund investments, which include funding of capital calls, distributions, tax information aggregation and quarterly reconciliations of underlying fund activity

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