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Hightower Texas offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to wealth management for individuals, families and foundations.

Our History

Pinnacle Management & Trust Co. was founded in 1994 by multi-generational Houstonians, Stephen Reckling and Stephen Strake. To expand the platform beyond fiduciary services, Pinnacle joined Salient Partners, L.P., a provider of private client family office services, with the trust company later re-branded as Salient Trust Co., LTA in 2004.

In early 2011, we acquired RDG Capital, LLC to further expand our RIA business serving ultra-and high-net-worth individuals, families, foundations, and endowments. Recognizing the need to expand our private investment platform, we acquired Teton Strategic Investments, Inc. to offer selective private equity and alternative investment strategies. In 2018, with $4.471 billion under management, we joined Hightower, one of the nation’s largest Registered Investment Advisors, and rebranded our practice as Hightower Texas. This strategic partnership allows us to leverage Hightower’s sophisticated resources to enhance our service offering for both our current and future clients.

Over our 24-year history our singular goal has been to provide long-standing clients with a holistic, Houston-based, independent-minded wealth advisory and fiduciary solution. We look forward to carrying on that tradition as Hightower Texas.


Stephen Reckling & Stephen Strake co-found Pinnacle Management & Trust, Co.


Executives form Salient Partners, L. P. and begin to offer private client family office services


Pinnacle Management & Trust, Co. is rebranded as Salient Trust Co., LTA


Salient Insurance Agency, LLC is formed


Salient acquires Teton Strategic Investments, Inc.


Salient Private Client joins Hightower and becomes Hightower Texas

We are the client.

Our founding partners include members of some of Houston’s most distinguished families, and we bring to bear our personal understanding of the services that these families require on behalf of each of our clients every day.

At Hightower Texas, we recognize that one size does not fit all. Each family’s needs, goals and passions are distinct, so we developed our service offering to be customizable. When we build portfolios for our clients, we focus on the following:

Balanced Risk:

We believe investors should have a balanced portfolio. We seek to achieve this by distributing risk contribution across asset classes.

Efficient Implementation:

Ideally, we seek to implement strategies directly at a low cost, only paying active management fees for specialized sectors that historically provide additional return.

Systematic Decision-Making:

We cannot predict the future. Instead, we adhere to a disciplined process, focused on balancing the portfolio’s risk to adapt to changing market environments.

Mission & Values

As faithful stewards of our clients’ financial resources, our mission is to compound their capital with excellent, personalized service and investment strategies that challenge common practice with uncommon insight.

Core Values


Transparent & Intentional

We are committed to true diversity of perspectives and ideas, and that requires honesty, empathy and accountability. We speak the truth freely and wholeheartedly to each other and to our clients.


Curious & Bold

We have an insatiable intellectual curiosity that manifests itself in creative problem-solving and portfolio construction. We challenge conventional wisdom and strive to continuously learn. Our collective knowledge and experience are shared with each other and our clients to help create memorable and rewarding experiences.


Faithful & Accountable

We are grateful for the opportunity to work together in service of our clients, and we treat that responsibility with profound respect. We are also supportive of our local communities, and we strive to serve them selflessly with time, money and effort.


Independent & Uncompromising

We hold ourselves to high standards, and we constantly evaluate and seek to improve the quality and the impact of our work. Personal genius, hard work and initiative are encouraged, celebrated and rewarded.

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