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What will your legacy be?

This question is the driving force of Team Legacy. Our overarching goal is to help each of our clients become good stewards of their wealth and ensure their legacy makes a positive impact.

We like to brainstorm with our clients to understand their plans and provide the tools necessary for them to make the transfer of their wealth to the next generation as seamless as possible.

We ask the difficult questions. Is the next generation prepared to receive an inheritance? What can we do to help prepare them? Each family is different but, as much as possible, we like to involve the entire family in the discussions and process of wealth transfer so they understand and appreciate the value and the responsibility of the gift they’ve received.

We want each of our clients to recognize the inherent power of their resources, to be connected to the value of their wealth and then pass it on intentionally so the legacy will be celebrated and continued by the following generation. On Team Legacy, we utilize what we call the “relay process” to ensure all transitions are seamless and nothing is left behind.

If Team Legacy may be a fit for your situation, please reach out to our team.

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